Third Party Assistance & Logistics

We work on new build and build out projects, ensuring your fulfilment centre and other buildings are operationally ready on time and to budget.

As a Principal Contractor, our team professionally manage a turnkey solution that includes:

  • Project and Inventory Management
  • Health and Safety Management
  • Module deployment
  • Waste Management
  • Haulage and Transportation
  • Off site Storage
  • Security

Client first

This runs through the heart of our business and core values. We’re flexible, agile, experienced and focused on exceeding expectations. We never settle for less than 100%.

Efficiencies and innovation

We bring a principal contractor approach to the project and programme. We take your brief and scope, and build a programme designed to deliver to your highest expectations. Our highly skilled team will make sure that we are constantly exploring and challenging where efficiencies can be achieved. We also scrutinise process to value-engineer from project inception where the benefits can be greatest, to find value-added ways of working.

We invest in our people

We lead and manage the programme and project, working with our established supply chain partners. We are continually investing in our management team and partnerships. This ensures our contractors and partners are motivated and know they will receive fair reward. They feel valued for their contribution and feel part of our team with a shared vision and clear goals for success.

Health & Safety

Health and Safety is at the heart of our business and forms the backbone of everything we do. Our principal contractor approach gives you certainty and confidence knowing that we follow CDM regulations and operate at every level to the highest Health and Safety Standards. Our processes are rigorous and robust and we go further by training our project managers in mental health first aid to support the wellbeing of the wider team.


Our knowledge and experience mean we have a clear understanding and foresight of the interdependencies at play throughout every stage of preparing a fulfilment centre. This means we can deliver a centre that is fully operational because we have the expertise to navigate through the challenges of working whilst you maintain your day-to-day operation. We’re analytical problem-solvers, proactive as well as reactive to your changing requirements and circumstances. We have a combined experience of over 50 years in third party assistance and logistics, commercial fit-out and consultancy.

No surprises

We programme manage our progress closely using strong governance practices to provide accurate, real-time reporting to suit your needs. You can have the confidence that we will keep you up to date and anticipate, diagnose and resolve potential challenges so they do not de-rail progress. We will ensure there are no surprises at the end of the project in terms of programme, quality and cost.

Best value

Our procurement expertise, market knowledge and effective management of resources with a robust and proactive focus on improvement and cost management mean we always deliver best value to our clients.

Featured case study

Major Fulfilment Centre, UK

Marchmont carried out the timely delivery of all assembly and deployment tasks, including project and Health and Safety management

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